How To Work Apps

How to Works In Applications?

⇒ Frist you need download Our Gnipower application on google PlayStore ( recommended use our Website app store)

⇒ Then Download from Our Website More Website Viewing Applications From Our Website app Store

⇒After Downloading Applications you need to open Gnipower App and Register Your Simple Account on Gnipower.( You must have Gnipower Website username for geting Payments)

⇒After opening Gnipower app Open Earning Area Option All Website List on Gnipower App you need Download more Website viewing app from Our Website app store.

⇒ View On by One Website and Complete All.But when You View last Page of website app then Submit Your Working Application and Username.( important)

⇒ Confrime Your Points Then Add Your Points On wallet.

⇒ You have Done Application Works.

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N.B.⇒ if you face any problem you can mail us We are ready to help you any times