It’s Okay if a Large Wedding is a Legitimate Priority

however, as always, keep your values in mind. perhaps your wedding ceremony may be one of the rare instances your circle of relatives can get collectively, and a larger guest list is worth it to you. make sure you and your companion are on the identical page about this – and in case you are, then that’s exceptional!

It’s k to prioritize your wedding ceremony over those 5-12 months goals, as long as you’re certainly spending in keeping with your values.

in any case, now not all and sundry goals of settling down, buying a residence, and having children right now after they get married. maybe those things aren’t to your 5-12 months intention listing. journey or career development may be on there as a substitute. Hone in on what’s essential to you regardless of what others assume you ought to do.

This workout is really intended to put things into attitude. Weddings are a large event, and we generally tend to overemphasize them whilst we’re inside the middle of planning and speakme approximately it with all of us. It need to help you cognizance on the bigger photo so that you can determine what you want to spend on your wedding.

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